Sunday, February 24, 2013

WiHM: Favorite Female Fangs!

For our final week of Women in Horror, Marie will be your host as she highlights females from various paths of horror. Today she lets her blood lust free and spotlights the fanged femme fatales!

I love vampires! That is no secret, so why not compile a list of all lady bloodsuckers! Obviously this isn’t nearly all of them, I just picked a handful, and if you need even more vampires after this list, you can revisit Christine and I's list of favorite vampires (of both sexes) here:

Lucy is a favorite of mine, especially the version of her from 1992's Bram Stoker's Dracula.  Lucy starts out as the lusty best friend of Mina, but is slowly drained of her life by the Count, himself. In the novel she becomes known in the local papers as the Bloofer Lady, a ghostly woman in a white dress who steals little children at night. Buried in her iconic wedding dress, Lucy is beautiful and memorable as she is ghastly. I loved her so much I was her for Halloween last year!!

This is the first widely recognized female vampire, and oh yeah, she’s a lesbian. Created by Irish author Sheridan Le Fanu, the short gothic story Carmilla was published in 1872 and is about a vampiress and the young girl she preys on. Carmilla has been referenced countless times in all types of media, but perhaps my favorite adaptation is the 1960 film Blood and Roses.

JESSICA (True Blood)
This is Jessica’s second appearance in our Women in Horror Month themed posts, but we just can’t get enough of her! Bill’s prodigy is one sexy, fiery red head with an attitude and of course, a taste for blood.

One of the perks of being a vampire is that you cease aging. Eternal youth sounds great, right? Well, except if you are stuck in the form of a child, then it’s just creepy. As is the case with Claudia, the little vampiress of Anne Rice’s classic novel turned film, Interview with a Vampire.

Grace Jones is one freaky, hungry vampire stripper you don’t want to go backstage with in 1986’s Vamp.

“She gives you that weird feeling,” boasts the poster. This lovely lady has the honor of being Dracula’s Daughter, the 1936 sequel to Universal’s classic Bela Lugosi. The poor countess yearns to be rid of her bloodthirsty curse, but alas, it is just not that easy.

Tae-ju is transformed into a vampire by her reluctant lover in Chan-wook Park’s 2009 film Thirst, and boy does she love the lifestyle. So much so that her creator, Sang-hyeon, starts to realize the evil of their bloodthirsty ways and means to end her immortality much sooner than she’d like.

Brewster’s lovely girlfriend, Amy, becomes one vicious vixen in the 1985 camptastic classic Fright Night.

And finally, I leave you with this:

A vampire uses the art of seduction to lure the victims into a relaxed situation where one might need to fit their mouth around a neck… Salma Hayek entranced men and women alike in From Dusk ‘till Dawn as the undead seductress Satanico. I’ve included a link to her unforgettable scene in the film. You will be speechless for the next four minutes.



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Still need to see Thirst - looks pretty awesome.

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